Colored full works. Order from newest to oldest. Please click the images to see full version!

Jul. 2023 | Based on my favorite Creek fic, Hale-Bopp by Ratatoskrs. It's a story with supernatural themes and refers to the death cult Heaven's Gate, so I wanted to achive old school "denpa game" atmosphere with this. I also tried making glitched version with Photomosh - tw flashing lights.

Jul. 2023 | Happy couple on a vacation.

May. 2023 | I thought Finland's Eurovision Song Contest 2023 candidate had Randy Marsh vibes.

Apr. 2023 | Wonder Tweek vs. Dark Wonder Tweek.

Apr. 2023 | Stan and Tweek meeting at a hobby store.

Mar. 2023 | Watching Drive (2011). I like to imageine Craig as someone who self-inserts as Ryan Gosling characters.

Mar. 2023 | Wonder Tweek and Cure Peace from Smile Precure. She's sensitive and her power is lightning, and she's also super cute. Made for Precure 20th anniversary.

Mar. 2023 | Mukbang Tweek. He mentioned he likes sausage in Phone Destroyer and I spotted him around DikinBaus, so I don't think he was telling lies.

Mar. 2023 | People were drawing South Park characters as cheerleaders, so I wanted to give it a shot. I tried emulating old school light novel art style.

Mar. 2023 | Ultimate Wonder Tweek.




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